At Goonhilly Earth Station, we are building out super-fast, High Performance Compute (HPC) platforms, designed to support the intense needs of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

Built on the latest generation of GPUs (Graphical Processing Units), Goonhilly is leading the way in Research and Academia, Space and Aerospace and High tech.

Based at Goonhilly Earth Station, with our environmentally friendly, highly connected site, you can gain direct access to a blend of unparalleled connectivity:

  • Satellite
  • Sub-sea
  • Terrestrial
  • Education

We offer access to both public and private cloud platforms supported by our highly-skilled engineering team at Goonhilly Earth Station.

Customers include SES, Intelsat, Eutelsat and Inmarsat, as well as space agencies, governments, broadcasters and others.


Accelerate time to discovery and solve your most difficult computing challenges with greater success.

Create the platform power you need, to address complex problems + stay ahead of the competition.

Whether it be in science, engineering or business, Goonhilly gives you the advantage.


Gain faster insights, run high performance data analytics, fuel AI and gain competitive advantage.


  • Reduce the cost of entry for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning
    • The Goonhilly NVIDIA DGX-1 pod offers a pre-configured, lightning fast solution to deep learning
  • Private, secure cloud platform that can be configured to your needs
    • No commit - Accelerates your time to market, reducing the need for expensive capital investment – 30-day contract terms
  • Direct support from the vendors – Direct access to the hardware and software vendors
    • Allows clients to fine tune their infrastructure and increase their productivity

Public cloud integration – AWS / Azure / Oracle / Google

  • Weather and Navigation

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  • Space

    Goonhilly has a rich history in the Space sector and are part of the Space Cornwall initiative which also boasts Virgin Orbit and Aero hub as partners.

    Working closely with the European Space …

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  • Maritime

    Goonhilly offers a fantastic proposition for clients in the maritime and Marine technology industries.

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