Our site on Goonhilly Downs with all its history is known to many, and our iconic dishes can be seen from far away on a clear day. As such, we receive many requests for our site to serve as a backdrop for photographs and film. While we can not generally permit our site to feature in your photographs/film, we can grant permits in exceptional circumstances. If you would like to discuss such circumstances, please contact us by submitting a contact form.


Please note that our site is privately owned and part of a Danger/HIRTA area and of a Military Aerodome Traffic Zone for flying drones/small unmanned aircraft. This means that restrictions apply and you cannot fly drones across the site without explicit permission from GES Ltd.

Please refer to the CAA website on recreational drones and private flights, or check www.noflydrones.co.uk for restrictions as to where you can safely fly your drone. Below is a map from No Fly Drones showing the restrictions at Goonhilly Earth Station described above. Goonhilly Earth Station is located in the middle of the large red danger/HIRTA area.