Enterprise level satellite internet services

We provide a wide range of hosting options for satellite internet solutions. Goonhilly is the ideal partner for your satellite internet requirements. We can host your entire solution, provide VNO services on our equipment, or supply a complete, end-to-end service.

  • Satellite Internet Options

    Our satellite Internet service can be based on our own iDirect hubs managed directly by us, on a VNO (virtual network operator) basis where you take control of our equipment, on hosted VNO where your hardware is supported in our hub, or a pure co-location service where we host your equipment. The options are entirely up to you. You may install your own hub equipment and we can provide installation and on-going maintenance and support as you require.

  • Satellite Capacity

    We have excellent relationships with satellite operators allowing us to provide satellite capacity wherever you need it - or you may bring your own satellite capacity and we will provide an antenna and amplifiers.

  • Terrestrial Connectivity

    Our IP backhaul offers fully redundant, low latency connectivity into all major PoPs via 10GBit/s links. We have current capacity to be able to provide up to 100's GBit/s on multiple routes.

    We can offer direct peering with London Telehouses and many service providers via our JISCOM connection. See our detailed IP Backhaul section.