We provide professional training courses in space communication and related technical subjects.

  • Space Mission Operations Course (SMOC)

    Our annual Space Mission Operations training course is run together with Catena Space and Scisys UK, and provides delegates with a wide curriculum of theoretical and practical sessions providing a complete grounding in Space Mission Operations.

    The principal objective of the course is to provide participants with a solid theoretical basis for the main activities in space mission operations, supported by practical exercises where possible to consolidate the learning experience. 

    • functions of space operations systems (and requirements, constraints)
    • orbital mechanics and how it drives operational concept design
    • space missions communications network systems
    • satellite communications principles including analysis of the key parameters of system design
    • link budget calculations and trade-off issues with other aspects of mission design
    • mission planning and operations through the mission lifetime
    • operations approaches in ground and space segment
    • system architecture from a data flow point of view
    • conventional commercial satellite operations, and emerging low cost approaches
    • telemetry and telecommanding in typical mission operations centres.


    Our 2019 edition will run from 3-7 June 2019. More info and registration here: https://smoc2019.eventbrite.co.uk