Technology, Excellence and Heritage

Our vision is for Goonhilly to be recognised as an internationally significant space and data communications centre which continues to lead in developing and deploying advanced solutions for our clients.

Core Values:

Technology – As Goonhilly is known to be a technology company, we want to stand out as the leading technology company in our field. To achieve this, we will strive to invest our efforts in leading and promoting new developments in space communications and data services.

Excellence – We aim to be competent, professional and diligent in all aspects of our business and all interactions with external parties. We will plan our work to ensure that the company succeeds by meeting our customer’s requirements. We will follow best industry practice in planning to mitigate risks to customer service.

Heritage – We are mindful of the rich heritage and global brand recognition of Goonhilly. We respect the achievements of our predecessors and build on that achievement to enhance our own inspiring track-record of technology excellence.

  • Development plans

    The vision includes:

    1. Space Communication Gateway – commercial satellite communications applications, radio astronomy research, deep space communications,
    2. Open Innovation Centre – advanced communications system design and manufacturing, business co-location, data centre services, emergency backup services,
    3. Public Outreach and Education – new visitor centre, schools visits and short courses, teacher support.
    4. Training Centre – professional industry training centre including communication systems training, mission ops training and corporate leadership training.
    A major part of our vision relates to the inspiration and education outreach aspects that the space industry brings. We will be developing and all new visitor centre and conference and training facility.