Bridging the worlds of Radio Astronomy and Satellite Communications

We work closely with the world's leading universities in the field of radio astronomy, supporting their research, development and innovation. The universities of Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, Herts, Southampton and Durham are all members of the Consortium of Universities for Goonhilly Astronomy (CUGA), chaired by Prof Melvin Hoare at Leeds. We sponsor a PhD student at Oxford University who is developing new cryo receiver and feed technology that can be used in a variety of applications including stand-alone radio astronomy, deep space communications and commercial satellite communications. As an SME, our level of engagement in driving new spin-off technology is unprecedented. 

  • e-MERLIN

    We are in the process of connecting GHY-1, Goonhilly's original 26 m antenna, into the Jodrell Bank e-MERLIN interferometer network. We have installed a 10 GBit/s fibreoptic link between Goonhilly and Jodrell Bank to support the ultra-high bandwidth communications needed. Once complete, the addition of Goonhilly will more than double the resolution of e-MERLIN  making it one of the most powerful radio telescopes in the World.

  • Link to Jodrell Bank

    Goonhilly has a direct fibre link to the Jodrell Bank radio telescope. The 10 GBit/s JANET connection will allow Goonhilly to join the highly innovative e-MERLIN interferometer network.  The current network includes antennas in Cheshire and Cambridge. By adding Goonhilly, not only will the gain of the e-MERLIN network increase significantly, but the resolution will double and a much needed North-South baseline of 400 km will be extended.