When it comes to commanding your spacecraft only the most experienced, reliable engineers will do

At any given moment we are providing the communications service to fly spacecraft on behalf of a number of a number of clients. We are trusted every day with GEO, LEO and drifting satellites worth billions of dollars in total. We have carried out many short and long term TT&C contracts with continuous repeat business demonstrating our value and expertise in this specialised field.

  • Satellite Command and Control

     GES Ltd has many years of experience in providing a number of simultaneous TT&C (Telemetry, Tracking and Command) services from various antennas at Goonhilly. This includes the provision of satellite drift mission support. This work is considered to be a highly skilled task which is only entrusted to a small group of earth stations around the world and GES Ltd have the perfect combination of highly skilled engineers and multiple antenna assets to provide these services.

    The TT&C ground station provides the secure data communications link for the control centre to monitor and control the status of the spacecraft and operation of its subsystems ensuring that the satellite performs as expected. The three main functions are to:

    • Receive and demodulate beacon signals from the satellite to monitor the health of the on-board sub-systems
    • Track and determine the location of the spacecraft through the transmission, reception and processing of ranging signals
    • Modulate, and transmit encoded commands to the satellite to control, activate, deactivate and reconfigure subsystems and modes of operation, repoint directional antennas

    TT&C manages subsystems and functions including attitude control, stationkeeping, power, thermal, payload and fuel pressures.

  • Engineering excellence

    At Goonhilly we engineer great solutions. We think about solving your service issues in the best, most cost-effective way and work with you to ensure we deliver what you need. We aim to develop flexible systems that can be adjusted if your requirements need to change.

    We pride ourselves on our problem solving, can-do attitude. We are flexible, responsive and very keen to do an excellent job.

  • Visible Arc

    Goonhilly is located at 50.1º N, 5.3º W

    We can see the entire Geostationary arc from 65º East, through 0º to 75º West with clear horizons in all directions down to below 5º elevation. Being surrounded by ocean in all directions from East, through South, to West and in a low population density area on the UK's South West peninsula, we have exceptionally low RF interference. 

    Our latitude matches the inclination of the International Space Station (51º), making Goonhilly one of the most optimal locations for tracking ISS-launched cubesats.

    Our longitude of 5.3º W matches that of the NASA/ESA Deep Space Network in Madrid, making us an ideal hand-over station for DSN activities. 

  • Need TT&C service?

    If you have a requirement for TT&C, we will be happy to discuss with you the options available and a cost-effective solution whether is a short or long term requirement.  Our engineers can provide a comprehensive set of specifications. Please contact us for further information.